Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scala by Christina Bauer

I read and loooooved Angelbound by Christina Bauer, so of course I wanted to read the sequel as soon as it came out. (Actually, I got an ARC, so I read it before it came out :-D) I was a little disappointed to see that it was only a novella, but then I remembered that 52,000 is a pretty long novella and was okay with it. And, really, I think it was the appropriate length for the plot. I would have gotten annoyed if the story had gone on for any longer, and I felt there were the right number of twists and turns. 

I enjoyed Scala a lot overall. Lots of continued adventure in an awesome and unique world. I think Myla is a great character. She is determined to do whatever she thinks is right, and is willing to kick a little ass to ensure that she gets to do so. She takes her new responsibilities as Scala very seriously, while also taking time out to spend with her family and boyfriend, Lincoln. 

Am I being negative if I say that I think Lincoln was a liiiiiiittle too perfect? There were a few times that I thought he would get annoyed at something Myla did, but he ranged from "Let's do this together instead of you doing it alone" to "OMG, Myla, even when you are meddling in my life, you are perfect." Which I didn't think was all that realistic, since all couples disagree on some things. And it's not that I want realism in my fantasy. I just want conflict. To keep things interesting.

So after Angelbound, I really wanted Adair to be redeemable. I mean, it's only like she pretended to be the Scala heir, thus endangering all the realms when she wasn't able to actually be the Scala and... Never mind, I guess she was pretty awful. And there was a point in Angelbound where it was pretty clear that if she had any good qualities, they would have come out. But... I wanted the Thrax to be the good guys, descended from angels as they were. But I think we establish in Scala that she's pretty much just evil.

The next book is due out in October, so yay for that! Apparently Lincoln and Myla have a baby, which is an interesting jump from their I'm-not-giving-an-spoilers relationship status at the end of Scala. But I guess he is a prince and all, so having children is high on his to-do list. It also seems to be a jump out of the YA genre, but I shall reserve my judgment until I read it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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