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Interview with Jen Printy

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another exciting interview from a Red Adept author. Today I'm talking to Jen Printy, author of My Soul Immortal, a paranormal romance about an immortal man who meets a girl who looks like his dead love from over a century ago. 

Congratulations on your debut novel, Jen! Let’s start with you telling me some of your favorites from the book—favorite scene, favorite character. Whatever you want.

Thank you so much.  I have a bunch of favorite scenes—mainly because they were the most fun to write—so I’ll pick three. I love the beginning scene when Jack runs into Leah for the first time. That was the turning point for Jack after searching long and hard for a way to die.  Then there’s the scene when Leah is hit the car. Last but not least, the scene where Jack is in front of Concilium Animarum, bargaining for Leah’s life with his own.

Something you and I have in common is that we both write about immortal characters. What do you find are the unique issues when writing about immortality?

Good question. Because we’re in Jack’s head, and he’s been kicking around for 170 odd years, I knew it was important to make him a mixture of old and new. Jack appears to be a modern-day man. He dresses like one, and he’s changed his manner of speech to fit in with the times. However, I decided to keep old-fashioned manners—opening door, bowing, and standing when a lady gets up to leave. Those behaviors are habits and they’d be harder to break. I also kept his dated way of thinking about certain topics.

Based on your non-immortal characters ages, My Soul Immortal could qualify as a New Adult novel. Do you group your book this way? What drew you to college-aged (and slightly older) characters?

I’ve found My Soul Immortal definitely has appeal with the New Adult crowd. I’d love to say this was all planned from the beginning, but it wasn’t. The reason for Jack’s immortality had everything to do with it. I did research about how the body ages. I’m not going to go into all the boring details (you’re welcome), but to make a long story short, I found out the human body ages until twenty. After that, erosion sets in. So, Jack had to look twenty, and I wanted my heroine, who’s navigating the adult world for the first time, to be around the same age.

I like to talk about the paranormal romance/urban fantasy divide, which I hope isn’t something I just made up in my head. I would say My Soul Immortal straddles the two fairly well, though you picked the inferior side and put it in PNR. ;-) Do you have thoughts on these genres and your book’s placement in them?

Again, I’d love to say this was planned, but I just wrote out the story that was that was rambling around in my head. Honestly, the book started out as thoughts about déjà vu and reincarnation. Although it’s not surprising the story weaved its way into a PNR, it is my favorite genre, and because of the plot, the romance had to take center stage. Nevertheless, I soon realized because of what Jack is and the world he’s stumbling into, the story would have an urban fantasy side too.  I just ran with it, and let the story lead the way.

Okay, no more questions about genre. I see that Fated Eternals is going to be a series. Will we be seeing more from Jack’s point of view? Some from Leah’s? From completely different characters?

The majority of the books will be in Jack’s POV, for the main reason he is the loudest voice in my head. LOL. Although, we will be in Artagan’s POV a bit of the time again too.

So rumor has it, and by rumor, I mean your facebook page, that you have another artistic skill. Would you like to tell us about it?

Sure. I’m a freelance doll sculptor, which means I sculpt dolls out of clay for doll companies such as Ashton-Drake and Paradise Galleries. They re-produce them into vinyl and sell them to collectors.

What else do you do when you’re not writing, assuming we writers are ever allowed to not be writing?

I enjoy listening to music, mostly alternative rock, reading, and watching movies. Nothing like a good chick flick after a long day. (My husband would disagree.) I also attempt to grow orchids. Seems I don’t have a green thumb that can be a bit of a challenge, but I still try.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Oooo, decisions, decisions. If I could pick any super power, I think I’d want to be about to walk through shadows like Artagan and the rest of Concilium Animarum Beside the convenience, they’d be great for practical jokes. Taking jumping out and yelling “boo” to a whole new level.

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