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Interview with Jane Colt

Note from Elizabeth: I was trying to decide how I wanted to host Mary Fan on her blog tour for her new book Synthetic Illusions. I thought that, since the series is of Jane Colt novels, I might interview the titular character. But then Bedlam told me he's made twitter friends with Jane and wanted to do the interview. Kind of insisted, actually. So, without further ado, I give you Bedlam and Jane!

Bedlam: I’m here with Jane Colt, titular character of the Jane Colt series of books by Mary Fan, which to date includes Artificial Absolutes, Synthetic Illusions, and a fabulous piece of fanfic called “Inauthentic Blowholes.” Jane has graciously agreed to come talk to me about life in the far future. So everyone give a warm welcome to Miss Jane Colt!

Say hi to everyone, Jane.

Jane: Hello!

Bedlam: So, Jane, what kind of music do you like to listen to? And I don’t mean any of your highfalutin classical stuff either. I want top 40 dance stuff. Or at least indie hipster stuff you knew before it was famous. Something with a beat. In answering, please reassure me that no one on Kydera listens to Kelly Clarkson.

Jane: Kelly who? The only Kelly I know of is Kelly Shanks, but she's the lead whistler in an Uvranan whistle band and trust me, no one listens to those. These days, everyone listens to Sarah freaking DeHaven, who does classical crossover type stuff. Meaning the beat is club-friendly, but she sings in a classical-ish way. I'm not a fan, though. I mean, the music itself is decent, and I used to like it before I found out what coldhearted bitch she is, but now, I steer clear of her whenever possible.

My tastes run toward the trashy. Unless it's "highfalutin classical stuff," as you said, I don't want any semblance of intelligence in my music. Give me catchy melodies, pulse-pounding beats, and lyrics about nothing! If guilty pleasure music makes you think, what's the point?

Bedlam: I can’t help but notice that everyone likes your brother, Devin, better than you. Tell me, is this something that has plagued you your whole life, or is it only in the days since you have become a fictional character?

Jane: Eh, I like him better than me too. He's always been the smart one. And the strong one. And the brave one. You know, the one with a hero complex who everyone looks up to. Me… I'm a mess. I'm immature, hot-tempered, stubborn—I'm trying to get better, I swear! But it's hard to change who you are, you know? My parents used to say I was the good kid, but that's just because I'm good at turning on the charm when I need to. Also, I'm the pretty one. Comes in handy—people are much more forgiving of your faults when you're pretty. I hate to sound vain, but it's the truth.

Seriously, though, I wish I could be more like Devin. I've always wanted to be like him.

Bedlam: Right, so you love your brother more than anything. I mean, AA is all about the lengths you’ll go to to save him from an unpleasant fate. But in SI, you have to battle against him. How does that feel? Absolutely horrible? Or maybe a little bit of a relief, given the last question and the number of times he has called you “Pony” in front of witnesses?

Jane: It's the worst thing I've ever known. I've always thought he was the only person in the world I could turn to no matter what. Back at university, I defied my dad to study music, and I thought for sure he'd cut me off. Devin said he'd take care of me if that happened—pay my tuition and everything. But it didn't, and I'm pretty sure it's because he talked Dad out of it. I'd do anything for him—except give up Adam. I don't understand what was going through his head when he obeyed ISARK's order to capture Adam. Maybe I don't know him as well as I thought.

Bedlam: Since you've brought him up, let’s talk about your boy of choice. Adam is a nice, good seminary student who likes reading philosophy books. Now, as you may or may not be aware, my bestest friend in the realms is also absolutely gaga over an unassailable do-gooder type. And I… don’t really get it. So explain it to me, Jane. What is the appeal?

Jane: I didn't really get it either at first. Back in school, I used to date your typical swoon-worthy types. You know, the kind with sparkling personalities and instant appeal. Charming, if a little obnoxious. Your type, come to think of it.

Bedlam: Should I be insulted right now?

Jane: But those relationships never lasted very long. I think it's because I always had to watch myself around them—keep my mouth in check and whatnot. Also, I think I'm one person on the outside and another on the inside. People see me and assume I'm an outgoing social butterfly, but really, I'm a quite the dork. I mean, I'm a composer for crying out loud! I know it'll sound cheesy, but Adam's the only guy who's ever really understood me. He'll put up with all my craziness with no judgment, and he makes me want to be a better person. There's something pure about him—he'll just give without expecting anything in return. I know I don't deserve him, and I'll never understand why he fell for me of all people.

Ugh, now you've got me all lovey-dovey. Next question!

Bedlam: In my world, angels all represent a specific virtue. Like, I’m the (fallen) angel of chaos, and that peppers everything I do. There are also angels of love, generosity, truth, joy, and dozens of other things. If you were an angel in my universe, what would you be the angel of? What virtue do you think most drives you and influences your being?

Jane: Virtue? I have to pick a virtue? Bedlam, I consider myself a lot of things, but virtuous isn't one of them. Maybe chaos, like you. I'm enough of a disaster to qualify, I think. Or, is stubbornness a virtue? Maybe a prettier word for it, like perseverance? Oh – I know! Loyalty. I don't care about a lot of people, but for the ones I do, I care a lot, and I'll never really give up on them. Even if they decide to shoot at me while trying to take the love of my life…

Bedlam: In AA, you travel to all ends of the galaxy, including some less-than-savory locales. So I feel you are uniquely qualified to answer this question: What place in the galaxy serves the very best pizza?

Jane: What's pizza?

Bedlam: OMG, Jane, please do not tell me they don’t have pizza in the future. You have single-handedly killed any excitement I had about my immortality. Pizza is a delicious and amazing foodstuff served in usually-circular (but sometimes rectangular) pie with a dough base, tomato sauce in the middle and mozzarella cheese on top. Sometimes you can add other things on top, like mushrooms or pepperonis or marshmallows and Cheetos. 

Jane: Oh, is that the old Earth Zero word for flat-pies? 

Bedlam: Oh, thank God in all his demon mercy.

Jane: Hm… I think I like "pizza" better. I'll have to get Corsair to hack the food Netsites and sprinkle it around until it becomes commonplace… Anyway, the best place I've come across was in Kydera City's Outer Ring. That's the less-than-wealthy part of town, with a crime rate greater than that of the rest of the planet combined. The only reason I ventured there was because Adam, do-gooder that he is, likes volunteering at the children's shelter. There's a lunch joint across the street—I forget what it's called, since the sign's been graffiti-ed over. The place looks like crap, but the food is awesome.

Bedlam: And now for some quick dichotomies:

Cats or dogs?

Jane: Cats! Ever seen a Klistosian gold-cat? They've got long, fluffy fur and tiny horns.

Bedlam: Chocolate or vanilla?

Jane: Vanilla! Don't tell Adam, but I used to call him "vanilla guy" in my head when we first met.

Bedlam: Coke or Pepsi?

Jane: Huh?

Bedlam: Edward or Jacob?

Jane: Who?

Bedlam: Cake or pie?

Jane: Pie!

Bedlam: Space trains or ships named after fish?

Jane: Space trains? Like, Morays? Those are named after fish too—I don't get it.

Bedlam: Good or evil?

Jane: Good, but I'm probably more evil than I should be.

Bedlam: Okay, I think we’re about out of time here. But before we go, could you give the readers one mysterious spoiler for SI?

Jane: Remember the lady merc with silver armbands who let me borrow her gun to threaten that jerk Van Dinh? I run into her again, and I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of her.

Bedlam: Well, thanks for being with us, Jane. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you again to promote book 3 in the Jane Colt series. Can I put in a bid that it be called Counterfeit Mechanics?

Jane: Sounds cool! Sadly, the titles aren't up to me. If they were, they'd be How Idiots with Computers Screwed Me Over and How the Evil Government Agency Tried to Break My Heart. 
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