Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell

In a previous life, I was an indie book blogger. You probably wouldn't have recognized me, because I was mean and merciless and never gushed. But! There were some books I liked a lot, and my very favorite of all was the Timber Wolves trilogy by Tammy Blackwell. You can read my previously-written thoughts on Destiny Binds, Time Mends, and Fate Succumbs on my old blog. And after you do that, I'm sure you'll want to buy them, so I have some good news!

Tammy Blackwell's books are on sale through January 1 for $0.99 each. Or you can get the whole Timber Wolves trilogy for only $2.49. And if you're me and already own everything she's ever written, there's a giveaway going on too!

"Okay, Elizabeth," you say. "You've convinced us on this Timber Wolves thing. And we've checked out your old blog and are going to buy everything on your Quick Pick list, because we know they're awesome. But what about this Fragile Brilliance?"

Fragile Brilliance is the first book in Tammy Blackwell's new Shifters and Seers series, which is basically a continuation of the Timber Wolves trilogy, with a few differences. For one, the Timber Wolves trilogy is all about Scout, and now these new books are about other people close to Scout. Fortunately, Scout is still there and around, and I was only a liiiiiiiittle bit "I want to read about Scout and Scout's boy (who I am totally not giving away in case you haven't read Timber Wolves yet)!" Also, I believe I read somewhere (probably Tammy Blackwell's blog) that the Shifters and Seers series is more paranormal romance than urban fantasy, meaning that the point of the story is for two people to end up together. 

Fragile Brilliance is about Scout's sort-of, never-really ex-boyfriend/good friend Charlie  (Okay, maybe that's a bit of a spoiler for Timber Wolves, but I feel it is necessary) and a totally new character named Maggie. And I would say that the book is mostly about the relationship between Charlie and Maggie, but that's okay because a.) their relationship is interesting and to do with lots of deep-seated emotional problems on both sides and b.) there is also a serious everyone-is-going-to-die plot crisis. Charlie is pretty traumatized because, as a character, he took repeated beatings in the Timber Wolves trilogy. But that's okay because now he has Maggie, a good addition to the team as an ambitious artist/thaumaturgic from humble beginnings. After Timber Wolves, I was pretty curious about what a thaumaturgic actually was, and though I must confess I wanted to see more about this race, I now feel more satisfied on this domain.

I don't know how much more I can say without major spoilers for all the books. But rest content that if you are a Timber Wolves fan, you want to read Fragile Brilliance. And if you have not read any of the books, you want to read them ALL. I, for one, am super excited about the next book, Infinite Harmony, coming in November 2014, because it's about Joshua the immortal, who falls into the category of "character I most want to know more about."

And for those of you who tune in for tales of my baking, not of my reading, today I tried to bake peanut butter cup cookie dough crumble bars. Unfortunately, though I remembered to buy condensed milk, I didn't realize that one required a can opener to open it, and I own no can opener. Yes, I realize this gives me lots of idiot points. So I tried making them without the condensed milk layer, figuring they would at least be bar cookies, and no one would have a problem with that. They seem to have come out okay, but they require lots of cooling before eating. Probably because of the condensed milk I didn't use. Sigh. Baking is hard.

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